Park Shi Hoo Reveals That His Father Was A Model

Actor Park Shi Hoo made a guest appearance on SBS talk show “Healing Camp,” where he revealed that his father used to model. 

He shared, “My father was 186 cm tall and was a model during the 70’s. He shot in about 70 advertisements, and he made an appearance in a movie as well.” He went on, “My father decided to quit his profession because he was told that he was too tall for female actresses. Then he met my mother who wanted to live in the countryside, so he moved for her.”

Lee Kyung Kyu offered, “Your father must have been so good looking, your mother must have taken him away to the countryside because the ladies must have flocked around him,” to which Park Shi Hoo recalled fondly while laughing, “According to my mother, she told my grandfather that she had dragged my father away. She also said that my father’s looks were superior.”