Park Jung Hyun Couldn’t Speak Korean or English As a Child Because She Had a Spanish-Speaking Nanny

On the recent filming of KBS’s “Hello,” singers Kim Bum Soo and Park Jung Hyun appeared as the guests.

One of the problems discussed on this episode involved a 10-year-old son who has been living almost full time at his grandfather’s house. When Park Jung Hyun was asked about her relationship with her grandparents as a child, Park Jung Hyun answered, “I understand why a boy would want to live with his grandfather. When I was young, both of my parents worked and so I was raised by a nanny who came from South America.”

Park Jung Hyun continued, “My nanny could not speak English, and so she spoke to me in Spanish. As a result, I could not speak Korean or English well when I was young.”

When her parents realized that Park Jung Hyun became closer to her nanny than her own parents, they decided to send her to her grandmother’s house.

Park Jung Hyun added, “One day, I found a Spanish book at home. I asked my mother why she had it, and she answered that she tried to learn Spanish so she could have a conversation with me when I was young.”

This episode of “Hello” aired in the afternoon of December 10.