Park Shi Hoo Reveals His Secret to Kissing

On SBS’s “Healing Camp” that was aired on December 10, actor Park Shi Hoo revealed the behind story of how he became the king of kissing scenes.

During the shooting of drama “Family Honour,” Park Shi Hoo had a scene where he had to give a chaste kiss. He followed the script, but afterward the viewers criticized him for his boring kiss. Afterward, Park Shi Hoo decided that from then on, he would always do deep kiss on kiss scenes.

When MC Lee Kyung Kyu asked, “Your kissing skill must come from your experiences, right?” Park Shi Hoo answered, “I can’t say I haven’t had any real life experiences. When I kiss, both on the set and in real life, I do my best.”

Lee Kyung Kyu asked, “Are you then the champion of kissing?” Park Shi Hoo replied shyly, “I’m not bad at it.”

When the MCs wanted him to give them some tips on kissing, Park Shi Hoo explained, “You must first show confidence. Secondly, you need to seize either their waist or their neck. Thirdly, you need to lean them backward as you kiss.”

Park Shi Hoo also added, “But when you make them lean, you need to have a good control.”

Meanwhile, Park Shi Hoo also admitted that he hasn’t had a girlfriend for past seven years.