What Would Kim Tae Hee and Won Bin’s Children Look Like?

Have you ever wondered what the children of your favorite celebrities might look like?

Well, fans compiled the images of stars Kim Tae Hee and Won Bin to produce a supposed composite set of images for what their son and daughter might look like. The results have produced much attention from online community forums. 

A certain website allows you to input the images of any person and produce two photos, a son and daughter of that supposed couple. Although the couple pairings are purely imaginary, the realistic looking portraits have left many in awe.

In the photos, the son of Kim Tae Hee and Won Bin took on the image of his father, with his striking princely features. The daughter presented milky-white skin with an adorable set of features that completed the perfect-looking imaginary family. 

Netizens who saw the composite images commented, “Genetics definitely factor into what your children will look like,” “If I had a son and daughter like this, I would be happy,” “Even though it’s all imaginary, it still would be nice to see a family like this,” and “I wonder what kind of good karma you need to be born with those looks.”