Suzy Transforms Into a Cat in Recent Selca

On her Twitter in the evening of December 11, miss A’s Suzy posted a photo along with a message, “A picture that reminds you of a cup of warm Solomon’s seal tea.”

In the selca is Suzy with her hair braided and a green headband. Suzy is wearing a feminine blouse and a skirt. With her beautiful smile, Suzy looks adorable in this picture.

In addition, Suzy appeared to have added a cute cat nose and whiskers in the picture. Instead of the Solomon’s seal tea, the selca reminds the viewers of sweet lemon tea.

Fans who saw this picture replied, “Kitty Suzy is so cute,” “It’s freezing outside so please bundle up,” “I would love a cup of warm Solomon’s seal tea if Suzy made it for me.”