Lee Hyori To Make Her Comeback Next May?

Will we be able to see Lee Hyori with a new track and dance next May?

Lee Hyori made a guest appearance at “Kim Jae Dong’s Talk Concert No Break” on December 8 and made some comments about her comeback.

Kim Jae Dong asked Lee Hyori about her current status. She said, “I am working on a new album with a goal of coming back next May.” When asked about the genre of her come back song, she answered, “It’s a fun dance track. Don’t think that I can’t dance because I aged,” with a laugh.

There were many speculations that Lee Hyori would be making her comeback next year but this is the first time that the artist herself opened up about the exact date.

Hyori’s agency, B2M Entertainment spoke with My Daily on December 12, “Hyori is working on the goal to release her album next May but nothing is confirmed yet. She is receiving tracks right now but her title track hasn’t been decided yet. When the title track is confirmed, we’ll be able to get a better idea of an exact date.”

About the chance of Hyori returning as a dance artist, B2M commented, “When she appeared on ‘Show Me The Money,’ many people enjoyed her performances. If she mentioned it herself, then we can’t eliminate the chance of her returning with a dance but we are still looking at a variety of different possibilities.”

If Hyori does come back next year, it will be her return to the K-Pop scene for the first time in about three years. During that time, Hyori has been involved with many organizations and movements such as animal rights and charity work.