G-Dragon: “I’ve Never Thought Of Any Place Other Than YG”

Big Bang‘s G-Dragon displayed his unchanging loyalty and affections for YG Entertainment.

The American hip-hop magazine, “XXL” published an article on December 10 titled, “Korean Rapper G-Dragon Talks K-Pop Hype, New EP and Past Scandals,” and featured an interview with the famed artist.

The reporter asked if G-Dragon had any thoughts to start being on his own since he was already so successful as a solo artist. G-Dragon answered, “I’ve been with YG since I was a kid, so I never even thought about anyplace else.”

He continued, “I think YG provides the best environment for a musician. I’ve met many artists in America, artists in South East Asia, and I think it doesn’t matter where you go; there isn’t really a place like YG anywhere. It really gives a lot of support, it doesn’t hold back on helping artists who want to create music. Since we can do a lot of different things, and not have to worry about money, it’s great,” and praised the staff and facilities of YG.

About creating his own business, G-Dragon answered, “I think a business guy is different from an artist. They walk different paths. Artists create the best outputs when they’re having fun. And when a good business partner supports them from the side, it creates great synergy. When someone’s trying to do both, I think the music gets bad and the business gets bad, too.”

G-Dragon also talked about his thoughts on debuting as an idol group and not a solo rapper and also opened up about the plagiarism scandals in the past.

“XXL” magazine praised G-Dragon, calling him one of the most influential icons in Korea and coining him as the “Kanye West of Korea.” Read the full interview here.