Comedian Jung Hyung Don Is The Father of Twin Daughters!

Comedian Jung Hyung Don is now a proud father of two daughters!

On December 11, Jung Hyung Don’s reps spoke with OSEN and said, “Jung Hyung Don’s wife Han Yu Ra gave birth to twin daughters at around 6 AM. Since the babies were born early in the morning, Jung Hyung Don didn’t have time to speak to anyone but he couldn’t hide his happy heart of becoming the father of two children.”

Jung Hyung Don met his wife Han Yu Ra in 2008 on the SBS variety show, “Mystery Special Unit” since she was one of the writers of the show. They got married in 2009.

They announced Han Yu Ra’s pregnancy with twins for the first time in their 3 year marriage. Both of them expressed their joy of becoming parents.

Jung Hyung Don is receiving love for his variety show appearances and recently, his music with Defconn as well.

Congratulations to both Jung Hyung Don and Han Yu Ra!