Lee Yeon Hee Looks Perfect Without Photoshop

Actress Lee Yeon Hee proved evidence that she does not need photoshop to look like a goddess.

On December 10, netizens shared pictures of the actress with the title, “Beauty Lee Yeon Hee – Still Looks Like a Goddess in Roughly Taken Photos.”

In the pictures, the beautiful actress is the focus of these perhaps fan-taken photos. She is wearing a large dark purple hat and a tan coat over a black top. She has a simple gold necklace as an accessory and her make up is minimal, if there is any at all. Adding on her perfect clear skin and her unstyled brown hair, Lee does not let the simple look bring down her appearance.

Netizens also praised her good looks. “She’s so pretty, I’m speechless” and “Her innocent, clean, and natural image is amazing” were some of the comments.