Yoo Seung Ho Looks Dapper in Black in BTS CF Photos

Yoo Seung Ho has developed nicely into a handsome young man. With his fierce and charismatic performance in “I Miss You,” the actor has shed away his child actor image and transformed into a man who could easily steal your heart.

Recently, behind-the-scenes pictures of Yoo Seung Ho shooting a cellphone CF was shared on the Web. The title of the post was “Yoo Seung Ho CF Shoot – Flawless in All Black.” The poster also remarked, “He is not human…”

In the pictures Yoo Seung Ho, dressed in an all black suit, poses coolly with a white cellphone. Looking at the photos it is hard to believe that the actor just graduated from high school last year, though he still emits youthful charms.

Netizens only had good things to say about these photos. “This has a Wonbin feel” and “He really is a man” were some of the comments.