“Little PSY” and Park Min Ha Dance “Gangnam Style” Together

On the December 11 episode of “Strong Heart,Hwang Min Woo, aka “Little PSY,” came on the show and did his famous “Gangnam Style” dance. The little guy showed showmanship unusual for a child with his confident dancing.

He also invited another favorite child celebrity, Park Min Ha, and the two of them did a couple dance together. When asked if Park Min Ha is pretty, “Little PSY” answered “yes” without hesitation. To Park Min Ha he said, “Thanks for dancing with me.” She replied, “You are cool.”

Hwang Min Woo also said, “A lot of people recognized me in America…after my performance there a lot of people took pictures and asked for autographs. I had ten American bodyguards take me to my hotel.”

It looks like Park Min Ha is getting quite popular with the little guys! Not only is she friends with Hwang Min Woo but she also made headlines for being Mason Moon’s girlfriend.