Is There a Change in Album Promotions in K-Pop?

“There’s no need to promote on television shows to be successful with a new song?”
It looks like there’s a shift in marketing strategy trend these days. Lately, new albums and songs are able to be “hits” without the need of musicians promoting on television. “After a new song is released, focus on television promotions” tactic is becoming irrelevant. Musicians like Big Bang, Busker Busker and PSY have swept records this past year, and not to mention Lee Seung Gi who recently came out with his album and is currently topping the charts, have barely made special appearances on television.

So, what’s the reason why singers are not promoting themselves on television? The first reason is that real-time online music charts are easier to see what’s really popular among the public while on the other hand, music programs are garnering less audience viewers than before.

And if they are to promote on television, they will appear on a couple “national variety shows.” Lee Seung Gi appeared on “Running Man” and he was able to beat PSY’s 11 week record at “Music Bank.” Their promotion tactic is starting to look like actors who appear on a couple variety shows to help promote their dramas and movies.

Pop culture columnist Kang Tae Gyu shared, “As music programs become less influential, finding another effective way to promote their artists became the latest homework for music agencies. They are currently using YouTube and online music sites as platforms to market their artists. “

A music industry official commented, “However, many rookies still want to appear on music programs and it’s still difficult for them to get on. However, popular artists, and especially those who are musicians before entertainers, don’t really need to focus on appearing on television to do well.”