Happy Birthday, Seungri! 22 Photos to Celebrate Maknae’s B-Day!

December 12, 2012 is a special day for two reasons. It’s 12/12/12, AND it’s also Big Bang’s maknae’s 22nd birthday! In celebration of Seungri’s birthday, we compiled a gallery of his cutest, funniest, and sexiest moments!

Meanwhile, Big Bang celebrated Seungri’s birthday during their “Big Bang Alive GALAXY Tour” in Hong Kong with a huge cake as shown on the left! 

Baby Seungri knows the camera loves him

 Seungri shows off his aeygo, writing “Cute!!!!!! Tell me I’m cute!!!!!!!! Ahhhh”

Seungri flashes his pearly whites in a dashing tux


 Looks like Seungri had some fun with a couple of ladies ^ ^

Seungri shows that he can look great in anything

Seungri strikes a Taekwondo pose

Doesn’t Seungri look like “Secret Garden’s” OSKA in this photo?


 Seungri braves the cold with a padded jacket and muffler. 

 Ha Yah! Seungri tweets, “I became the main character of Japanese anime ‘One Piece!’ Together with Roopie and Ace!” 

A girlfied Seungri tries to plant a kiss on Taeyang

GD head-locks Seungri


Seungri updates his fans from the middle of nowhere


Baby Seungri goes skiing! 

Seungri shares the key to his heart


Even at a young age, Seungri always had girls following him 

 Seungri gets ready to take off

Several weeks ago, Seungri delighted his fans with a striking photo of his side profile

Awwwwww how cute is he?! 


 Seungri proves that he can look great with anything…even with a goofy Elmo hat! 

Doesn’t he look dashing in that black shirt and black framed glasses?

This graduation photo shows that Seungri has always (well…not always…but from a young age) had dark circles ^ ^;;