Who Do You Want to Study With? Kim Tae Hee vs. Park Min Young

Kim Tae Hee has recently attracted much attention for her appearance at a library. She was at the location to film for a commercial advertisement.

Not long after, netizens found a picture of Park Min Young studying at a library on college campus and coined her a “library goddess.” With Kim Tae Hee’s image at the library still fresh in their minds, they discussed who is the prettier goddess at the library.

Park Min Young looks casual chic with her black jacket with power shoulders on top of her white v-neck shirt. She keeps her long brownish hair in small loose waves. Although the quality of the picture isn’t great, one can notice her flawless skin and pretty features..

Netizens who saw the pictures commented, “Kim Tae Hee just became that more charming after seeing her inside a library,” “A goddess who’s sitting inside a library,” “It’s lovely seeing her study,” “I wouldn’t be able to study if people like Kim Tae Hee and Park Min Young hung out at the library.”