Girl’s Day Is Rising As The Latest Blue Chip in Advertising Industry

Girl group Girl’s Day is rising as the latest blue chip of the advertising industry.

Sojin, Yura, Minah and Haeri of Girl’s Day have been chosen to be models for an eyewear company, a game company and several cosmetics companies.

On December 12, Girl’s Day’s agency, Dream Tea Entertainment commented, “Girl’s Day have been chosen to be models for Bando Optical.”

Bando Optical is a fast growing company that holds many famous eyewear brands such as Renoma Eyewear, Autre, Andre Kim Eyewear and more. The company recently collaborated with a European fair marketing company to branch out into Europe as well.

Dream Tea sources also commented, “Recently, Girl’s Day also signed a contract with a famous game company. They will also be signing with another cosmetics and clothing company as well,” and “We see this as the effect of the girls’ hard work and good image on various music and variety programs.”

Girl’s Day is receiving a lot of love for their recent single, “Don’t Forget Me” and is earning good responses through their various activities in acting and variety programs.