Brave Brothers To Produce “K-FOOD” Album with ZE:A, Jay Park, Teen Top And More

Some of the hottest Hallyu idols that represent K-Pop have gathered together to release a collaboration album called “K-FOOD.

Produced by hit-maker Brave Brothers, the album will have a total of six tracks, which will all be about Korean food. Some of the artists to participate in this album are ZE:A, Jay Park, Teen Top, BIGSTAR, and Electroboyz. The album will serve the purpose of marketing the delicious and nutritious Korean food all over the world.

This album is receiving attention for not being just any campaign song but a legitimate mini-album.

Some of the tracks to be included are “K-Food Day,” by BIGSTAR and Electroboyz, “La La La” by ZE:A’s Kwang Hee, Siwan, Dong Jun and Hee Chul, “Delicious Addiction” by Teen Top and “I Like It” by Jay Park.

This album is to contain trendy hip-hop and electronic dance sounds and will match the charms of K-Pop infused with the message of advertising Korean food.

Brave Brothers commented, “A Korean food themed album was a new and fun challenge for me. I hope that this small donation of talent will make K-Pop and Korean food more widely known throughout the world. I hope everyone can enjoy this album.”

Electroboys +Bigstar

Teen Top


Jay Park