B1A4 Makes Massive Donation with Fans to Help Those in Need

B1A4 hosted their very first independent concerts on December 8 and 9. To celebrate the occasion, fans from all over the world sent wreathes, rice, coal briquettes, eggs, pet foods, and even mango trees. The donation measures up to approximately 2 tons of rice, 2,356 coal briquettes, 300 eggs, 300kg of pet food, and 10 mango trees. B1A4 announced that they are going to donate all of these gifts they received from the fans. 

First, nearly 2 tons of rice will be donated to a charity organization of B1A4’s choice and 2,356 coal briquettes will help those who are suffering from energy poverty during the winter. 2,356 coal briquettes is a sufficient amount to provide heat for about 23 households. Moreover, B1A4 will donate 300kg of pet food to a animal rescue center, 300 eggs to the Food Bank, and the mango trees to Tonj in Southern Sudan through World Vision to help child famine and desertion of the area. 

B1A4 has already garnered much attention previously for donating rice that they received from fans. In July 2011, fans gifted nearly 700kg of rice to Sandeul‘s musical theatre debut in “Brothers Were Brave,” and 300kg to “B1A4’s Hello Baby.” Moreover, members of B1A4 collected blood donation cards and donated them to patients in need last winter.

Members of B1A4 commented, “We are embarrassed to even call this a ‘good deed.’ We just want to help those in need whenever wherever we get a chance to do so.” Meanwhile, B1A4 successfully finished their first concert and is now promoting their new song, “Tried To Walk.”