Who Is Who? B.A.P’s Him Chan and Big Bang’s T.O.P

There’s a photo of B.A.P’s Him Chan and Big Bang’s T.O.P photoshopped together and it’s currently stirring a lot of interest on various internet sites.

On December 12, a Malaysian fan uploaded the said picture on his or her personal twitter of the two idol stars. The picture combines half of Him Chan’s face with T.O.P’s face, although random, came out surprisingly well. One can mistaken the photoshopped picture as one person if they don’t look close enough.

Him Chan’s photo is originally from his participation in Nike Air Force 1’s 30 year special edition ad while T.O.P’s is originally used as a teaser for Big Bang’s song “Love Song.”

Meanwhile, netizens who saw the photoshopped picture commented, “Him Chan and T.O.P’s similarities is daebak!” “They’re both handsome,” “Their chic face is really similar,” “Look how similar their eyes and mouths are!”

Soompiers, can you guess who is who?