Rainbow’s Kim Jae Kyung Shares a Doll Face Selca

Girl group Rainbow’s leader Kim Jae Kyung posted a new selca on her Twitter. She wrote, ”Will snow fall this year’s Christmas Eve? It would be good if it did.”

In the photo, her hair is down with a thin headband. and Kim Jae Kyung looks so innocent and pure with a toned-down makeup. Her huge eyes and porcelain skin is what makes her face look more like a doll.

 Netizens who saw the picture commented, “Jae Kyung’s barbie doll selca, she’s a real goddess,” “It would great if snow really did fall on Christmas Eve just like Jae Kyung wished for,” and “Jae Kyung’s barbie doll selca, so pretty.”

As one of the lead vocalist of the group, Kim Jae Kyung was once a trainee of JYP Entertainment but swtiched to DSP Media, an agency known to have produced some of the most famous Korean idols including Fin.K.L, Sechs Kies, SS501, and KARA