Park Yoo Chun Hard at Work for Drama “I Miss You”

JYJ’s Facebook page was recently updated with a new photo of Park Yoo Chun hard at work. 

The singer-actor’s picture was posted on the official JYJ Facebook page showing him reading the script for the drama, “I Miss You.” In the picture, Park Yoo Chun looks comfortable while going over the script at the MBC waiting room.

Along with the photo, the caption explained: “Park Yoo Chun plays the leading role as Detective Han in ‘I Miss You.’ He is sitting at the MBC’s waiting room and revising his script. He is standing by to film episode 12.”

In the drama, Park Yoo Chun is usually seen with his bangs up, however, his hair is down and covering forehead while reading the script.

Netizens commented: “He looks skinnier,” “I hope I can go and visit him,” “Even though it just a snapshot, he still looks good!” and “I just love his character in the drama.”