SISTAR’s Hyorin’s Sexy Soju CF Turns Heads

SISTAR‘s Hyorin recently did the splits while on stage for the set of Chum Churum soju’s new CF.

On December 11, Hyorin along with 4Minute‘s HyunA and KARA‘s Hara were revealed as the new models for Lotte’s soju Chum Churum.

In the CF, Hyorin captivates audiences as she goes on stage to perform her sexy dance and showing off her long, shapely legs in a lunge wearing very short shorts. 

Netizens who saw Hyorin perform the right-split commented, “Did she really perform the splits or was this all CG?” “She is the Korean Beyonce,” “First time I’ve seen anyone do the splits like that,” “Hyorin has a different kind of sexy aura,” and “Her flexibility is incredible. I thought she had a body double or something.”

SISTAR has also been a part of various CF’s for Snickers, Coffee Time and Korando C.