Actress Lee Shi Young Talks About Her Boxing Match Loss

On December 12, actress Lee Shi Young gave an interview with SBS‘s “One Night Of TV Entertainment” where she talked about what she found attractive about boxing.

After being defeated for the title of champion of the 66th National Amateur Boxing Championship Tournament, Lee Shi Young commented, “Usually when I advance to the third or fourth round I manage to gather strength, but today I was unable to. After the tournament was over, I was unable to break a sweat. I think I was so nervous I had trouble focusing during the final match.”

She also expressed her passion for the sport saying, “When you play a match, you always get nervous and scared. But this time I told myself, regardless of whether I won or not I told myself, ‘This time I stood my ground and endured it,’ so I feel as though there is nothing else to fear in the world after this match. I also feel like it was simply a dream come true to have made it this far.”

Lee Shi Young’s dream of joining the national boxing team came to an end due to her loss to Park Cho Rong in the women’s 48 kg category for the 66th National Amateur Boxing Championship that was on December 11.