Yoon ll Sang: “It’s Sad That Korean Media Tries to Find Humor by Putting Down Their Wives”

Composer and co-founder of Nega Networks (housing Brown Eyed Girls & Lunafly), Yoon Il Sang showed that he is a devoted husband.

On December 12, his conversation with comedian Lee Byung Jin on twitter was picked up by the Korean press where he revealed to be a devoted husband.

Lee Byung Jin and Yoon Il Sang were in the middle of talking about their mutual hobby photography) when the former said, “I’m sorry that I’ve been taking pictures of only my wife. Sorry,” and Yoon Il sang responded, “Our wives are our best models.”

Comedian Lee Byung Jin further shared, “There needs to be more husbands like us. Husbands who love their wives. This is supposed to be normal. Those people recognize others who think the same way. Like us.” Yoon Il Sang shared, “That’s right. The media in our country tries to find humor by implying that they don’t like their wives- that they put down their wives. That’s sad.”

Meanwhile, Yoon Il Sang married his wife on May 26, 2010 and has revealed on a variety program before that his wife “made him give up his single life.”