Does miss A’s Suzy Look Like “Secret Garden’s” Kim Sarang?

miss A’s Suzy surprised everyone with her resemblance to actress Kim Sarang. On December 12, the singer-actress tweeted the photo with a simple smiley emoticon.

In the photo, Suzy looked natural chic with a black leather jacket, black scarf, and black sunglasses. She also gave a soft smile for the camera, and something about her pose and expression reminded many of Kim Sarang, most known for her role in popular drama “Secret Garden.”

Netizens who saw the photo commented, “Wow, she really does look like Kim Sarang here,” “So pretty,” “She radiates a celebrity force,” “Suzy is the best. She looks great here,” and more. 

Meanwhile, Suzy was recently voted the female celebrity fans would most want to spend the Christmas with.