JYJ’s Junsu Updates Fans with a New Selca

JYJ’s Junsu shared a new photo of himself, showing off his smoky eye makeup. On December 12, he tweeted, “The weather has gotten warmer today. I like it. Both the weather and my mood,” and attached his selca.

As shown in the photo, Junsu sports a platinum blonde hair and smoky eye makeup, a combination that made him look very mysterious and charismatic. Netizens also noticed his pale complexion, which was further made his face appear even lighter.

Those who’ve seen the photo commented, “Wow, he’s irresistible,” “He kind of looks like a bad guy and a sad guy,” “I thought he said he was feeling pretty happy, this looks depressing,” and more.

Meanwhile, Junsu recently revealed his music video for his ballad track “Even Though I Already Know, where he displayed both his masculine and feminine side.