Rainbow’s Oh Seung Ah Shows Off Her Knitting Skill

On her Twitter on December 13, Rainbow’s Oh Seung Ah uploaded several photos along with a message, “I knitted a muffler to keep myself warm this winter. It is going to be cold, so please everyone, don’t forget to bundle up and keep yourselves warm.”

In the pictures are Oh Seung Ah and the muffler she knitted herself. She included the pictures of her unfinished work to show how she made it. She also shows the completed muffler by wearing it. It is a warm grey muffler that has been well made, showing off Oh Seung Ah’s knitting skill.

Netizens who saw these pictures replied, “Oh Seung Ah made it herself?” “Oh Seung Ah is very skilled,” “Rainbow members are very talented. I’ve heard that Jae Kyung makes her own teddy bears,” “It is a pretty muffler,” “Good job,” “Oh Seung Ah can knit, Jae Kyung can make teddy bears, and Ji Sook does awesome nail arts. Rainbow is now officially the most artistic idol group. Hahaha.”

Meanwhile, Oh Seung Ah is currently appearing on tvN’s “SundayN tvN- The Romantic & Idol.”