Jay Park Shares a Childhood Photo

Jay Park has recently shared a photo of himself as a little boy!

On December 13, Jay Park tweeted a photo of himself when he was a child. The picture looks like a class photo and he is holding a basketball in his hand. Jay Park tweeted the photo along with the message, “Ballin~!”

In the photo, little Jay Park boasts the same white skin as he has now. He looks a bit skinny but netizens were able to see Jay Park’s sharp eyes and jaw line that he has even now. There isn’t much difference to their appearance but it seems like Jay Park is giving off a shy smile in the photo.

Recently, Jay Park received a lot of attention for being the host on “SNL Korea,” where he performed a rated-R skit called “Because I’m A Guy.” Even after the episode aired, the online clip of the skit received more than 800,000 views!

Netizens who came across Jay Park’s childhood photo commented, “I want to have a son like that,” “So cute,” “When was this? You look the same now,” and more.