Actress Kim Yoo Jung Takes Selcas With Hello Kitty Glasses

On December 14, Sidus HQ revealed on its official me2day page two selcas of child actress Kim Yoo Jung in which she posed wearing Hello Kitty glasses.

Kim Yoo Jung seems to look happy, lying down and hugging two huge packs of snacks. Though the actress is young, she is known for her extremely talented acting skills. Yet in this picture, she really does rightly look like a happy 13 year-old.

Netizens who viewed the picture commented, “She really looks happy after receiving those snack gifts. She looks like a real schoolgirl in this picture,” “Her beauty still glows even if there is no lighting on the bed! I’m so envious of both the presents and of her beauty!”

Kim Yoo Jung is currently busy filming the upcoming spy thriller film “The Graduate” in which Big Bang’s TOP stars in as well.