Secret’s Hyosung Gets Stressed for Not Eating What She Wants

Hyosung confessed that after she joined Secret, she was very stressed. Once she debuted, she missed her simple life as an ordinary teenage girl.

JTBC’s show,”The Victory with Doctors,” which will air on December 16, featured Lee Suk Hoon and Secret’s four members. The show host, Jung Hyung Don revealed Secret’s concern: “I heard that you girls can’t eat what you want, and you can’t eat properly even after the album promotion. You have to always watch out what you eat because you have to stay fit. Is that right?”

In response to MC’s comment, Hyosung agreed, “Not even once since our debut, could we eat without thinking about the calories. When I get hungry and eat something, I start to regret it, and because of that I get stressed out. It’s hard because we are a female idol group, we really have to watch our figures.”

Secret’s member Zinger added: “I fainted after loosing 8kg!” Netizens who saw the preview of the episode commented, “Wow…” “How can they keep up with that?” and “Staying fit is the life of celebrities. I feel bad.”