Secret’s Zinger Fainted after Losing 8 Kgs

Girl group Secret‘s member Zinger, confessed that she once fainted due to a harsh diet.

When Secret’s members appeared as the guests for the JTBC’s show, “The Victory with Doctors,” they shocked the audiences. MC asked the group, “How much do you girls eat and diet?” Zinger replied, “I once fainted when I lost 8kg (approx. 17.6lb).”

Zinger also revealed the girls secret dieting method: “Honestly when I go on a diet, I eat almost nothing. I usually eat only one meal a day.” She added with a laugh, “Other people enjoy living at home, but I enjoy living away from home with the my girls. When I lived with my parents, I was always stuck at home, but now I am able to freely go out.”

The episode of “The Victory with Doctors” will air on November 16.