102 Upset Actors Take KBS to Court

Actor Choi Soo Jong, Seo In Sik, and Lee Hyo Jung joined a group of 99 actors to sue KBS for unpaid fees.

According to “My Daily,” 102 actors are fed up with KBS for paying less than what they should be paid. To be exact, they should have been paid for 70 minutes of the broadcasted time, but were only paid for 60 minutes. The actors claim that KBS should pay the actors for every minute of airtime.

According to a spokesperson of the Korea Broadcasting Actors Union, “The production company is the one that pays the actors; however, KBS is the ultimate decision maker on how long an episode should be aired. That is why we took action against KBS.”

This problematic KBS payment strategy has been kept on for 10 years. If the actor’s union wins the lawsuit, KBS is to lose more than 10 million dollars. A lawyer explained, “The amount KBS has to pay to each actor is 100 thousand dollars. So in total, it become 1.2 million dollars.”

Oppositely, KBS staff told, “We are very sorry about this incident to happen; however, KBS will take the rightful action.”