Girls’ Generation’s Sunny’s 6 Aegyo Combo Set

Sunny, the resident energy pill of Girls’ Generation, shared with the fans 6 adorable pictures of her doing what she does best: aegyo!

On December 13, her 6 aegyo combo set was posted on Girls’ Generation’s official homepage with the message “It’s been a long time since Kyu-renda~! Everyone’s going to come and watch the new Brenda, right?” Their official facebook page included a caption in English for their foreign fans, “Sunny will be playing a role of ‘Brenda’ in the musical ‘Catch Me if You Can.’”

The 6 pictures show Sunny making different poses using “Catch Me If You Can” posters as props. Her aegyo is intensified with her cute pink ribbon and her cute dresses.

Sunny is currently performing in the musical “Catch Me If You Can” as Brenda. The musical is from December 14 to February 9 at Seongnam Art Center Opera House. Super Junior’s Kyuhyun and SHINee’s Key are also participating in the musical.