Park Shin Hye to Guest on “Strong Heart”

Actress Park Shin Hye ramps up her promotions for forthcoming drama “Flower Boy Next Door” with scheduled appearances in talk shows. According to reports in local news agencies, the actress is set to appear and share a story on the popular SBS talk show, “Strong Heart.” A photo of the actress while filming for show was recently released.

Reports further said that Park Shin Hye, along with her “Flower Boy Next Door” leading man will be appearing in the “Strong Heart” Christmas special and is expected to reveal interesting stories about herself and her experiences.

“Park Shin Hye will be appearing to her fans with her candidness, with smiles and her natural self on ‘Strong Heart,'” the actress’ management, 4HIM Entertainment said in a statement.

Meanwhile, fans who have gotten wind of her “Strong Heart” guest spot have commented with “I’m excited about Shin Hye on ‘Strong Heart’ that sleep wouldn’t come,” “Park Shin Hye on ‘Strong Heart’ Christmas special makes it feel like a Christmas gift,” and other such expressions of excitement.

Park Shin Hye’s episodes on “Strong Heart” will be aired in two parts, on December 18 and 25.