Is That Really YoonA? Photos from Three Years Ago Have Fans Doing a Double Take

Is that really YoonA?

Old photos of Girls’ Generation’s YoonA have made their way onto several online communities, surprising netizens with her heavy makeup and mature appearance. Titled “Don’t Put This Kind of Makeup on YoonA,” the photos were from a spread the singer-actress participated in three years ago.

As shown in the photos, she went for a sexy, femme fatale look with tanned skin, heavy makeup, and revealing outfits. The YoonA in these old photos differs greatly from the delicate, innocent, and girly YoonA most people are accustomed to seeing these days. 

Netizens who’ve seen the photos commented, “She looks different, very sexy and confident,” “I like her pure and clean-cut image more,” “Makeup can really change how you look,” “Pretty either way,” “She was younger when she shot this, but she looks older than she does now,” and more.