SHINee’s Onew’s Old B-Day Photo & Message Resurfaces and Confuses Fans

SHINee’s Onew’s message to his fans from a year ago has resurfaced and confused many fans. Onew celebrated his 23rd birthday today, December 14, and many fans have been congratulating the singer. 

Many local agencies followed up with articles reporting that Onew thanked his fans through a message on his me2day. According to various reports, he wrote “Hello, this is Onew. I couldn’t spend my birthday with you because of my schedule today, but thank you for everyone for sending me warm wishes. While I spent the day fulfilling my schedules, but I feel so much more happy. Thank you,” and attached a photo of himself. The photo was a close-up on Onew’s face, and fans recognized this photo from a year ago. 

Checking back to both Onew and SHINee’s me2day, no such posts have been made. As such many netizens expressed, “No wonder this post sounded so familiar,” “Looks like the reporters were anxious to get the news out,” “Happy birthday Onew,” “Funny, anyways, I wish Onew would start using his SNS again,” and more.