A Look Inside “Alice In Cheongdamdong” 1 Billion Won Luxury Set

It has recently been reported that the set of “Alice In Cheongdamdong” cost a whopping 1 billion Korean Won (about 1 million USD).

“Alice In Cheongdamdong” is SBS’s new weekend drama and aired its pilot episode on December 5. The drama is currently receiving high praise for the plot line and the actors. Eyes have also been drawn to the luxurious looking sets that have been shown.

The houses of both Yoon Joo (played by So Yi Hyun) and Seung Jo (played by Park Shi Hoo) and the luxury brand companies have all been created and built from scratch.

The sets are located in the city of Gwangju in the province of Gyeonggido. Attention-to-detail was emphasized in creating these sets as there are also many miniature models and other decorations present.

The Artemis store replicated the modernity and luxury of real luxury brand stores. With the cost of making the set, the decorations and all of the handbags, shoes and clothes, the total cost of the sets come out to be about 1 billion won. Therefore, the staff team has installed CCTV cameras in many different places of the set to ensure security of the items.