Sunny Hill Releases Comeback MV “Goodbye To Romance”

Sunny Hill makes their comeback this week with their new mini album “Antique Romance” and their title track “Goodbye To Romance.”

Created by lyric writer Kim Eana and computer Lee Min Soo, “Goodbye To Romance” is a song with a warm feeling. It features a beautiful piano melody that goes along with their vocals. The song’s concept is based on the thought “What would my first love be doing now?”

Their agency said, “It has beautiful melody lines that remind people of their old lovers and it will make people think about the anxious feelings they had for them. Once the listeners hear ‘Goodbye To Romance’, they will be able to feel as though they are at a very cozy place.”

The music video features very creative set and camera usage as it seems like it was all done in one recording take, despite showing many different rooms.

Sunny Hill is currently promoting as a four member female group as the one male member, Janghyun, began serving his military duties early this year.

Ahead of their comeback, they have also revealed their “Coming Soon Interview” (CSI). Watch it with English subtitles below. While the group has previously gained popularity for satire and social issues in their songs, “Goodbye To Romance” focuses on the emotions that many people feel. The members also talk about their own experiences with their first love.