Epik High’s DJ Tukutz Is An Expectant Father

DJ TuKutz of three member artist group Epik High is an expectant father at the age of 31. 

On December 14, Epik High’s agent told “Star News” that DJ Tukutz’s wife had successfully delivered a healthy baby boy. This will be the happy couple’s first child, and it’s been three years and two months since they tied the knot. DJ Tukutz was married to his first love on October 13, 2009 and shortly after was drafted into the military. The happy family is now reunited with DJ Tukutz available to celebrate the birth of his son after being discharged from military service this past August. 

Ever since DJ Tukutz moved under the label of YG Entertainment in October, he has joined Mithra Jin and Tablo in preparing for Epik High’s new album.