Lee Da Hae Looks Smoking Hot at School

Actress, Lee Da Hae revealed her dazzling figure wearing full body tights.

On December 10, Lee Da Hae posted a snap shot of herself on Weivo, with the caption: “Today, I went to action school. It seems like I have been going there for a long time now, but I don’t know why I haven’t improved! My friend took this picture of me… looks good doesn’t it?”

In the photo, Lee Da Hae is intensely staring at herself in the mirror wearing black tights with flat running shoes. However, she seems to have perfect legs and body proportion. Despite her casual style, the actress never fails to look gorgeous with her hair simply tied up and wearing almost no make-up.

Netizens expressed their jealousy toward Lee Da Hae by commenting, “I better go on a diet,” “She has a nice curvy body line,” and “Just beautiful!” Meanwhile, Lee Da Hae is casted as a leading actress for an upcoming KBS 2TV drama, “Iris 2” which will air in February.