CNBlue’s Jung Yong Hwa Can Easily Tell If Someone Is Interested in Him

CNBlue‘s Jung Yong Hwa recently revealed his techniques on how to tell if a lady is interested in him.

On December 14, Jung Yong Hwa and fellow members of CNBlue made a guest appearance on the “Go Show,” where he unmasked the mystery behind determining how a female feels about you. 

The emcees revealed, “Jung Yong Hwa is known to be a “huntsman for female hearts,” and that he catches on fast if there is a female who has set her sights on him.”

Jung Yong Hwa began by saying, “I like to observe people. I can tell by how a girl responds to my texts if she is interested or not. There was a time I sent a girl a text saying “I’m eating” and if the girl isn’t interested in me then she’ll send a message back just to be polite, but a girl who is interested will send a text message back with a question mark – in attempt to create a conversation.”

He went on, “I think text messages that girls send in the morning are the most revealing. You can tell that they’re interested in you if they send them. Also, if I ask them something and they say things like, “No” in a cute way- I feel like they have some sort of attraction for me.” 

MC Go Hyun Jung responded by saying, “I don’t think dating through texting would ever work for me. I don’t use emoticons at all and to everything I just text back ‘Okay.'”