CNBlue’s Lee Jung Shin Dispels Gay Rumors

CNBlue member Lee Jung Shin recently addressed rumors about the artist’s sexual orientation. 

On December 14, he made an appearance on the “Go Show” with fellow CNBlue members Kang Min Hyuk and Jung Yong Hwa. He began by saying, “If you were to search my name on the internet, you will find that there are links that discuss me being possibly gay.”

Lee Jung Shin continued, “When I first debuted, my hair style was that of a bob and I would receive compliments often about being pretty. I think that’s why those rumors started to circulate.”

MC Yoon Jong Shin asked, “Then is it true that you like women?” To which Lee Jung Shin answered, “Honestly, I like women a lot,” causing everyone on set to laugh. 

 Jung Yong Hwa also showcased his special ability to mimic others on the show.