Weekly K-Pop Music Chart 2012 – December Week 3

BEAST’s main vocalist Yang Yoseob did something that the group has not yet accomplished on our chart so far in their career – to have a No. 1 song. Yoseob’s “Caffeine” moves up nine spots to the top in just its second week on the chart, easily defeating last week’s No. 1 song, Juniel’s “Bad Person.” BEAST came close this summer with “Beautiful Night” hitting No. 2. If not because of “Gangnam Style,” that song would have been No. 1. Yoseob makes up for that on the second last chart of this year.

Lee Seung Ki’s “Return” is again topping most of the music charts in Korea but moves down a spot on our chart to No. 3 due to his lack of performances on music shows. If this song scored some points in Inkigayo for performances it would have been a close battle against “Caffeine.”

There is only one new song in the top 10 this week. Korea’s top modern rock band Nell is back with a three part series of titled “Gravity.” The first part, “Holding Onto Gravity,” has four tracks. The title song “White Night” is a mid-tempo rock ballad and was written by Nell’s lead singer Kim Jong Wan. This week it debuts at No. 10. The song is about the mental state of staying in one place as if gravity was pulling a person back. Nell’s unique sounds can be heard through this representative track.

Note: Stay tune for our annual Soompi Gayo Awards which again will take place at December 31. The nominees will be announced this coming week. This year fans will be an even bigger part as we are adding netizen awards for the most popular singers of each category (except new artists). These awards will base purely on fan voting. Get ready to cast your vote!



1. (+9) Yang Yoseob (Beast) – 카페인 (Caffeine (feat. Yong Jun Hyung)) ***1st Week @ No. 1***
Score: 927
Genre: Pop Ballad

Music: Kim Tae Joo, Yong Jun Hyung / Lyrics: Kim Tae Joo, Yong Jun Hyung
Album: Yang Yosub mini-album Vol. 1 | Purchase this Album
Watch: MV

2. (-1) Juniel – 나쁜 사람 (Bad Person)
Score: 879
Genre: Pop Rock

Music: Two Face, Lee Sang Ho / Lyrics: Han Sung Ho
Album: Juniel mini-album Vol. 2 | Purchase this Album
Watch: MV

3. (-1) Lee Seung Ki – 되돌리다 (Return)
Score: 855
Genre: Pop Ballad

Music: Epitone Project / Lyrics: Epitone Project
Album: Lee Seung Ki mini-album Vol. 5.5
Watch: MV

4. (+1) Ailee – 보여줄게 (I Will Show You)
Score: 746
Genre: Pop/Dance

Music: Kim Do Hoon, Lee Hyun Seung / Lyrics: Kang Eun Kyung
Album: Ailee 1st mini-album | Purchase this Album
Watch: MV

5. (-2) Son Dam Bi – 눈물이 주르륵 (Dripping Tears)
Score: 687
Genre: Pop/Dance

Music: Brave Brothers / Lyrics: Brave Brothers
Album: Son Dam Bi 4th mini-album | Purchase this Album
Watch: MV

6. (-2) Noel – 하지 못한 말 (Things That I Couldn’t Say)
Score: 669
Genre: Pop Ballad

Music: / Lyrics:
Album: Noel Vol. 4
Watch: MV

7. (–) Kim Sung Gyu (Infinite) – 60초 (60 Second)
Score: 572
Genre: Pop Rock

Music: Han Jae Ho, Kim Seung Soo, Yue / Lyrics: Song Soo Yoon
Album: Kim Sung Gyu mini-album Vol. 1 | Purchase this Album
Watch: MV

8. (-2) Lee Ha Yi – 허수아비 (Scarecrow)
Score: 566
Genre: Pop Ballad

Music: Park Jin Young / Lyrics: Park Jin Young
Album: Lee Ha Yi digital single “Scarecrow”
Watch: MV

9. (-1) B1A4 – 걸어 본다 (Tried To Walk)
Score: 518
Genre: Pop/Dance

Music: / Lyrics:
Album: B1A4 3rd mini-album | Purchase this Album
Watch: MV

10. (new) Nell – 백야 (White Night)
Score: 517
Genre: Rock

Music: Kim Jong Wan / Lyrics: Kim Jong Wan
Album: Holding Onto Gravity
Watch: MV

Rank Artist Song Score
11 Geeks (–) Officially Missing You, Too (feat. Sistar Soyu) 509
12 Roy Kim (+4) 스쳐간다 (Passing By) 434
13 Primary (-4) ? (feat. Choija, Zion.T) 422
14 Dal★shabet (+1) 있기 없기 (Have Don’t Have) 413
15 Ga In (+7) 노스텔지아 (Nostalgia) 401
16 Secret (new) Talk That 399
17 K.Will (-5) 이러지마 제발 (Please Don’t…) 393
18 Miss A (–) 남자 없이 잘 살아 (I Don’t Need A Man) 358
19 DBSK (+7) Humanoids 330
20 Lee Jung (-7) 사랑해 봤니 (Have You Fallen In Love) 310
21 The Seeya (new) 독약 (Posion (feat. Davichi Lee Hae Ri)) 235
22 Byul (-3) 귀여워 (So Cute (with 10cm Kwon Jung Yeol)) 226
23 Clazziquai (new) 함께라면 (feat. 김진표) (Can’t Go On My Own) 225
24 Kim Jong Kook (-10) 남자가 다 그렇지 뭐 (Men Are All Like That) 219
25 Spica (+8) Lonely 214
26 Girl’s Day (-3) 나를 잊지마요 (Don’t Forget Me) 202
27 Hyuna (-6) Ice Cream (feat. Maboos) 193
28 C Clown (+1) 멀어질까봐 (Far Away Young Love) 174
29 Boy Friend (-4) 야누스 (Janus) 173
30 Block. B (+8) 닐리리맘보 (Nillili Mambo) 171
31 Urban Zakapa (-14) 똑같은 사랑 똑같은 이별 (All The Same) 170
32 NaUl (+12) 바람기억 (Memory Of The Wind) 168
33 Psy (+2) 강남스타일 (Gangnam Style) 152
34 Bigstar (new) 느낌이 와 (I Got Ya) 151
35 Zi-A (-15) 눈물이 툭 (Tears Falling Down (feat. Park Kyung of Block B)) 137
36 Humming Urban Stereo (+6) Love Jam with Bebop 125
37 NS Yoon G (-6) If You Love Me (feat. Jay Park) 124
38 Mighty Mouth (new) Good-Bye 123
39 Brave Guys (new) 멀어진다 (Drift Apart) 121
40 Park Jung Min (-4) Beautiful 120
41 YB, Lee Ssang (new) MadMan 119
42 Epik High (-5) Don’t Hate Me 116
43 LEDApple (–) 바람아 불어라 (Let The Wind Blow) 105
44 Wax (-3) 떨어진다 눈물이 (Tears Are Falling) 104
45 Jung Dong Ha (new) 바라보나봐 (Just Look At You) 99
46 2BiC (-19) 24시간후 (24 Hours Later) 97
47 A-JAX (-19) 2MYX 78
48 Vanilla Acoustic (new) 대화가 필요해 (Need To Talk) 73
49 DK (December) (-17) 깊은 밤 슬픈 노래 (Deep Night Sad Song) 71
50 Kan Jong Wook (-5) 39.5 70

About the Soompi Music Chart:

Soompi Music Chart is unlike any other music charts or television rankings. It takes into account rankings by various major music charts in Korea and airplays of each song, making it an unbiased and objective tally of what’s going on in the world of K-pop. Our chart is composed of the following sources:

Air Monitor Chart – 15%

GAON Music Chart – 15%
Various Internet charts (Olleh, Bugs, Melon, Soribada, Naver, Daum) – 15%
Billboard Korea – 15%   
SBS Inky Gayo – 10%
MBC Gayo Chart – 10%
KBS Music Bank K-Chart – 10% 
MNet M!Countdown Chart – 10%

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