T-ara’s Soyeon Is Grateful That People Applauded

At the “2012 Melon Music Award” on December 14, group T-ara was selected as one of the Top 10 most loved singers of this year.

When the members went up to the stage, Soyeon thanked the fans. She stated, “We are so thankful for our fans’s applause. Receiving this award means the world to us. We thank you.”

On this day, T-ara performed their two songs, “Sexy Love” and “Lovey Dovey.”

This year was a difficult time for T-ara. Starting with the mysterious messages by the members on SNS, Hwayoung ended up leaving the group. T-ara was surrounded by various rumours of bullying and mistreatments of Hwayoung by the rest of the members.

After such a difficult year, it is no wonder that T-ara greatly appreciates their fans’ support.

Meanwhile, other singers in Top 10 included 2NE1, Busker Busker, BEAST, Big Bang, PSY, IU, and Infinite.