Kim Jong Gook Gives Lecture At Kaist University

On December 14, photos of Kim Jong Gook in formal attire for a special guest lecture at KAIST university surfaced online. 

Kim Jong Gook’s lecture on December 13 was on “How to establish your goals and develop networking skills.” The actor impressed students with his own wealth of experiences that he offered to students as a crash course in networking and fulfilling one’s goals. 

As part of his lecture, Kim Jong Gook shared the struggles he faced as an all-around entertainer and offered a recipe to students on how to captivate the masses. Keeping it informal yet personable, Kim Jong Gook received a standing ovation from students as he wrapped up the lecture by summing up his vision and plans for the future. 

Attendees of the lecture were especially moved by how easily approachable the singer was during the Q&A session, where he took his time to answer every question and showed sincerity in his responses. The atmosphere was that of a fan meeting, confirming Kim Jong Gook’s overwhelming popularity.

Netizens who saw the photos of the actor’s lecture commented, “I’m envious of the KAIST students,” “If I had a chance to take a class like that, I feel like I could always bear with going to school,” and “Kim Jong Gook looks amazing giving a lecture too.” 

In other news, Kimg Jong Gook recently launched his 7th album on November 11 with his title track “Men Are All Like That” and is currently a part of SBS’s variety show “Running Man.