Brown Eyed Girls’ Ga In Channels “Basic Instinct” Sharon Stone in “SNL Korea”

Brown Eyed GirlsGa In ups the sexy ante for their first hosting stint on “SNL Korea.” In the episode aired on December 15 called “SNL Korea – The X Files,” Ga In puts on the “femme fatale” persona for one of the skits in the show.

The sketch had Ga In portraying a woman accused of infidelity, and thus, facing a tribunal to defend her innocence. She was seen in a black micro-mini that highlighted her legs, chunky jewelry and makeup that featured a mole on her cheek. At one point, she spread her legs wide and bowed with her back to the audience, flashing her underwear. The scene and her actions were reminiscent of Hollywood actress Sharon Stone in the film “Basic Instinct.”

“SNL Korea” has started to feature R-rated sketches since its second season. Ga In and the Brown Eyed Girls’ stint for the show was the first time all members of a girl group have hosted “SNL Korea,” now currently on its third season.