Photoshopped Image of miss A’s Suzy And Wonder Girls’ Sohee Form Mysterious Beauty

A photo of the faces of miss A‘s Suzy and Wonder GirlsSohee meshed together has recently become popular.

A post titled “What Suzy’s and Sohee’s faces meshed together would look like” along with a photo of the supposed cross of their facial features was shared on an online community forum.

 The composite photo utilized Suzy’s photo from miss A’s first album “Good Bye Baby” jacket and has Sohee’s photo overlaid on it. The perfectly composited photo allowed netizens to admire the non-existent beauty who boasted the features of both beauties. 

Netizens were especially drawn to Suzy’s bunny-like teeth and Sohee’s cat-like eyes which are the starlet’s main physical charming points- producing an interestingly charming face. Suzy’s eye from the original album jacket is also included for comparison to see what subtle differences have changed Suzy’s face.