ZE:A’s Kwanghee Poses Confidently With Flowers Sent By WGM Crew

For Kwanghee on his first SBS’s “Inkigayo” episode as the new MC, MBC’s “We Got Married” crew sent flowers to congratulate him.

On the official ZE:A Twitter on December 16, Kwanghee uploaded a photo along with a message, “Everyone, Kwanghee’s dream finally came true. I am about to start as a MC for my first episode of SBS’s ‘Inkigayo.’ This is the flowers sent by ‘WGM’s’ crew! I totally appreciate it~ Thank you! Now then, please wish me luck.” In the picture is Kwanghee with a reddish suit and looking confident. Behind him is a huge bouquet flowers with the message, “Oh My God! Kwanghee is the best! Totally crazy.”

In addition, Kwanghee also posted another photo along with the message, “I will be working with Lee Hyun Woo. We will be doing a special performance together, so check it out.”In this picture, Kwanghee is posing with the actor Lee Hyun Woo with their stage costumes. Kwanghee looks playful while Lee Hyun Woo looks a little nervous.

Netizens who saw these pictures replied, “Kwanghee really is the most popular idol nowadays,” “I am looking forward to Lee Hyun Woo and Kwanghee’s teamwork,” “Kwanghee doesn’t seem to be nervous at all.”