New Albums And Singles Preview – 2012 December Week 3

Sunny Hill – Antique Romance (released)

01 Getting Cold (With Yoon Hyun Sang)
02 Goodbye to Romance
03 Want to Marry?
04 3-OUT
05 Goodbye to Romance INST
06 Want to Marry? INST

Sunny Hill, known for their unique concepts, has come before fans once more with a new mini-album titled, “Antique Romance.” Top composers along the likes of Lee Min Su, Kim Ina, Kang Ji Won, and KZ have taken part in this album, making this release all the more anticipated. The title track is “Goodbye to Romance,” a Lee Min Su production with lyrics penned by Kim Ina. The song holds lyrics about wondering how a senior or junior from one’s past is doing now. The group does a great job harmonizing their vocals to bring out the mood of this number.

December Vol. 2 – Don’t Go: The Last Legacy (Dec. 20)

01 Don’t Go
02 Miss You
03 During the Time We Hadn’t Seen Each Other (feat. Fish that Met Water)
04 Remember Me
05 Beautiful
06 I’m Going to Say that I Love You
07 Passion
08 She’s Gone
09 Unfinished
10 Sad Song Deep Into the Night (DK Ver.)
11 Don’t Go INST

December returns this year with their second full-length album, “Don’t Go: The Last Legacy,” two years since their first. This will be their last album before the members go off to the military. The title track is “Don’t Go,” a masterpiece composed by Jo Young Soo. Instead of going with their usual orchestral accompaniment, the group tried something new – analogue arrangement. The group also decided to go for a more easy-going song this time around. Also included in the album is “Remember Me,” which is part two of their hit single, “She’s Gone.”

Ailee – Hitman Project #1: David Foster (December 17)

01 My Grown Up Christmas List (Christmas Wish)
02 My Grown Up Christmas List
03 My Grown Up Christmas List INST

Ailee is the first guest to take part in the “Hitman Project” album which will consist of English and Korean covers of David Foster’s hit songs. Top composers and artists are to partake in this project album. The song Ailee is responsible for is “My Grown Up Christmas List (Christmas List),” which she sings in both Korean and English, just in time for the holiday season.

Ha Dong Qn mini-albium – Mark (December 17)

01 From Mark
02 What’s Left Even After Erasing
03 Words I Can’t Believe
04 Inside Me
05 Go Forward
06 After the Love

Ha Dong Qn returns after five years with a new mini-album, “Mark” to show fans some more of his hidden talents. The singer takes part in song writing this time around, making this album all the more anticipated. The title track is “From Mark,” a powerful track with British band arrangements.

Orange Caramel (single) – Dashing Through the Snow in High Heels (released)

01 Dashing Through the Snow in High Heels (feat. Nuest)

Orange Caramel and NU’EST have joined hands for their latest Christmas single, “Dashing Through the Snow in High Heels.” It is said to be a gift for fans out of gratitude. The song is about having courage to confess one’s love during the Christmas season. This bright number has a beautiful melody and listeners are expected to think of their loved ones through this song. (single) – Dokkun Project Pt. 2 (released)

01 Beautiful Day
02 Beautiful Day (INST)

G.Na and Phantom’s lead vocalist, Sanchez have joined hands with Korea’s top producer, Kim Do Hun for their latest song, “Beautiful Day.” This will be the second song that will be a part of the Dokkun Project album. The two artists do a great job harmonizing and Sanchez gets the chance to try rapping in this number.

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