Child Actress Kim Yoo Jung And B1A4 Perform Couple Dance

On December 15, B1A4 performed Turbo‘s 1998 hit song “At The Ski Resort” for the special winter holiday edition of KBS’s “Immortal Song.” With their clear vocals and impressive rapping ability that captivated the audience, B1A4 received a great response from audience members for their various talents. Child actress Kim Yoo Jung joined B1A4 in the chorus for a cute couple dance that delighted attendees. Decked out in winter festive gear, the cheerful group raised holiday spirits and put smiles on many faces that night. 

Netizens who saw the adorable couple dance collaboration commented, “B1A4 and Kim Yoo Jung seemed like an actual artist group while performing their couple dance,” “Kim Yoo Jung and B1A4 look great dancing together” and “I loved Kim Yoo Jung and B1A4’s dance!”