Lizzy Kisses Stuffed Animals on Her Recent Selca

On December 17, Lizzy uploaded two photos on her twitter along with a message, “Ah. These dolls are so pretty. This is the film set for ‘Dashing through the snow in high heels.’ I am waiting for the shooting to start.”

In the pictures, Lizzy is attempting to kiss a large stuffed zebra and stuffed deer. The dolls are huge, making them appear real. In the picture with the zebra doll, Lizzy has her fingers in the animal’s nostrils, making the photo look comical.

Netizens who saw these pictures replied, “Lizzy is too adorable,” “She seems really happy to see the stuffed animals. She can be so cute and childlike,” “Attempting to kiss….I wish I was that stuffed animal.”

Meanwhile, After School’s unit group Orange Caramel has released the song “Dashing through the snow in high heels” with NU’EST on December 13.